United in Greatness - 10/16/2013

How often do you get to be part of watching a dream be realized? In our industry, network marketing; it's a way of life! With that said, it's still very exciting to watch an idea go from thought to concept to fulfillment right before our eyes -- I'm talking about the formation of the Academy of Multilevel Marketing and the upcoming awards season which is about to start.

When I got a call from industry legend and the founder of the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association) in May that I had been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors, I instantly agreed to do it. The list of Board members and Academy members is a virtual who's who of our profession. The intent, as explained to me by Len Clements (founder and CEO of MarketWave, Inc. and champion of the project) is to bring together a group of industry leaders that will choose and recognize the "best of the best" within our profession. The *gold standard* among companies, CEOs, products, distributors, trainers, support companies, start-ups, humanitarians and more. Their decisions will be based on the value brought to the marketplace and our industry and the merit of what they have accomplished. It won't be based on a popularity poll or the most clicks on a web site. It will be real, well earned credibility! It will be a celebration of who we are and what we've done. Showcasing the best among us and honoring them.

Exciting days are ahead as we see who gets nominated and who are eventually voted the "cream of the crop" and are honored with an award. This is a proud moment for our industry and profession as we turn the spotlight on our best!

Lisa M. Wilber, Director

Updates, Details, and Articles coming soon - 10/1/2013

In October the AMM will be soliciting nominations for the 1st Annual AMM Award Nominees. Those who have been accepted as Academy members will receive an email notifying them of the process. We are eager and excited for the future.